Flea collar for dogs

anti chip collar cover

You are absolutely sick of trying to apply this topical flea preventative every month, only to end up being useless! Your dog's coat is incredibly thick, making it almost impossible to reach the skin. How the hell do other people do this at all? Of course, the products at […]

Common Parasites in Mawer Dogs

Common Parasites in Mawer Dogs

Parasite: A smaller organism that lives and feeds on a larger organism. The relationship is usually not symbiotic, as the host does not usually benefit from this union. * Heartworm Internal Parasites for Dogs Heartworm is the only parasite covered here, both very common and […]

NexGard Flea and Tick Control

It is important to know that fleas and ticks are not only a nuisance, they also transmit potentially serious diseases to animals and humans. Unfortunately, these pests are a problem all year round. Many products have been developed to combat them and have varied in terms of safety and effectiveness. […]

Bravecto anti-fleas and anti-ticks

Bravecto for dogs

You can bring parasite eggs or larvae into your home on your clothes and shoes if you spend time outdoors with your dog. Very quickly these fleas can cause serious illnesses in dogs such as flea allergic dermatitis and even anemia. With the exception of necklaces […]

Advantix, topical treatment for fleas and ticks

advantix treatment for dogs

The best way to protect your home and pet from fleas is to use a multi-action product that contains both: an ingredient that kills adult fleas, an ingredient that prevents flea eggs and larvae from developing into new chips and a growth regulator of […]

Frontline Anti-Flea and Anti-Tick Dog

Ticks live in urban parks and gardens as well as rural areas, so your dog can get ticks no matter where you live. To protect your dog against these blood-sucking parasites, Frontline is what you need. FRONTLINE against fleas and ticks is a solution […]

Scalibor Anti-Tick and Mosquito Collar

Scalibor necklace

Holidays in hot regions or repeated walks outside can become a real torture for dogs since they are usually victims of parasites. In recent decades, studies have shown some increase in the number of ticks and tick-borne diseases in humans and animals. The […]