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Are you tired of repeatedly using harmful chemicals to treat your little dog for ticks? Would you like to find a solution that you can use without having to keep your kids away from their favorite furry friend?

The EM ceramic Kiss My Dog tick collar is a revolutionary solution to the problem of ticks! Our product uses cutting edge technology, EM Ceramic Technology to keep your dog tick free without using a single chemical.

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Why choose a Kiss my dog ​​tick collar?

First and foremost, it means your kids can pet, play, and cuddle their dog with no interruptions and no waiting times. This is because you won't have to wait for the chemicals and harmful tick repellants to dry. And you never have to worry about finding a solution that actually works, because Kiss My Dog has the solution you were looking for!

No more chemicals and no more waiting to kiss your dog. With the Kiss My Dog tick collar, this is all a thing of the past.

We have chosen one of the most revolutionary and advanced technologies to fight ticks in a natural and effective way. This technology is available through our 3 different stylish necklaces for your furry babies!


Benefits of Dog Tick Collar

What are EM and how does it work?

EM stands for Efficient Micro-organisms in English, which can be translated as Efficient Micro-organisms. This concept was developed by Japanese researcher Teruo Higa. During this research, the professor demonstrated that microorganisms could be classified into 3 groups: neutral, pathogens and effective.
Pathogens have a destructive tendency on their environment, efficient ones a beneficial tendency and neutrals which represent 90% of these, have the particularity of being “followers”.

That is to say that in the presence of pathogen, they become pathogenic and in the presence of other effective organisms, they also become effective.

Based on this observation, Professor Higa has developed a clever mixture of efficient microorganisms composed of various yeasts, bacteria and fungi which has the effect of transforming the follower microorganisms present in the environment into effective microorganisms!

Agriton, the official European distributor of EM products illustrates the phenomenon very well with the 2 graphs below:

EM Ceramique tick collar technology

Based on this discovery, Professor Higa and his company EMRO have this principle has many products and have developed a wide range of products based on EM.

How are EM found in ceramics?

Perhaps the most successful EM product is Ceramic Tubes because they have many beneficial effects on water treatment. Gray EM ceramics are composed of clays fermented by the effective microorganisms and then fired at high temperature. EM does not survive at this temperature, but the ceramic formed stores the vibrations emitted by them.

The vibrations emitted by the gray EM® Ceramics make it possible, among other things, to improve the structure of the water, by reducing the groups of molecules (clusters). This change changes the texture of the water, as well as its taste.

90% of these vibrations are far infrared. These have a positive impact on our body by activating the circulation of blood, and therefore of oxygen.

Thanks to the gray EM® Ceramics, oxidation of the material is reduced, as are scale deposits.

But how do bracelets work to help repel ticks?

It is these same infrared vibrations emitted by gray EM ceramics that have an effect on the tick receptors. They disturb them and keep them away and keep them away from our adored furry animals. 

Nothing is 100% foolproof, but it can dramatically reduce the likelihood of ticks attaching to your dog.

Are EM ceramic collars an effective tick solution?

The biggest advantage of Kiss My Dog tick collars is that they are completely chemical free. So there is no reason to worry about treatments on your dog's skin that might harm your children when they pet their furry friend. There are also no more side effects and you will no longer have to deal with allergies and sensitivities that originate from harsh and harmful chemical treatments that are characteristic of conventional tick treatments.

Kiss My Dog believes your favorite furry pet deserves a natural, safe, and effective way to stay tick free, so they can make lasting memories with your family.

Please note: : EM Ceramic Tick Collars, being 100% chemical free, are a solution for the treatment and prevention of ticks for your dogs, however they are not designed to be 100% effective. Their effectiveness can however be reinforced by the use of the anti-tick product of Kiss My Dog, composed only of essential oils of geranium.

Stylish necklaces designed to protect your furry friends

Kiss My Dog understands how important your furry best friends are to you and your family. This is the reason why we have incorporated all the revolutionary science of EM ceramic beads into our super stylish necklaces.

We have for you 3 necklaces with different EM ceramics to choose from, each with a different style and price. Because every dog ​​deserves to be beautiful while showering you and your family with love and hugs.


anti tick collar different colors


All tick collars are designed to give your dog the opportunity to express his own style. Whether at home relaxing on the sofa with your children or spending a day playing in the park, with the Kiss My Dog tick collar, your dog will always be the prettiest!

Find your dog's unique style through one of our tick-repellent EM collars today!

Now that you've chosen your dog's favorite collar,
find out how to use it effectively. . .

Our EM ceramic necklaces are even more effective against pests when used in tandem with essential oils. Indeed, essential oils of geranium, true lavender or lemon grass are very effective against fleas. Together they make an amazing tandem that helps build a natural shield around your dog. This association helps repel ticks and fleas at the same time and naturally!

Although the two are not 100% effective by nature, if you use both together and follow our instructions, the effectiveness will be greatly increased.

After getting your Kiss My Dog EM Super Tick Collar, make sure to submerge it in the bottom of a bowl of water for about 1 to 2 hours. Once it's done, add a few drops of essential oils of your choice to it and let it dry in daylight. This will increase the effectiveness of the collar the next time it is around your hairy pal's neck.

What makes the Anti-tick collar from Kiss My Dog different
other necklaces?

First and foremost, our collars have been designed to keep your dog safe for the life of each collar. We do not use any chemicals in our necklaces. At Kiss My Dog, we believe that every dog ​​should be protected against ticks and deserve royal treatment, without harmful or irritating chemicals.

Because the less time your dog spends scratching with ticks or harsh chemicals, the more time he will have to play in the park or cuddle you on the couch. Kiss My Dog tick collars can be used for 2 weeks each time you charge them in sunlight. After 2 weeks, wash it again with water.

Maintained regularly, a Kiss My Dog tick collar has a very long lifespan and helps keep ticks away from your dog. You no longer need to have a treatment every 3 months or worry if your dog has new ticks. Kiss My Dog has your dog covered with its awesome EM shield that repels ticks when they try to take hold of your dog's skin.

In addition to many colors, we have a wide choice of collar sizes, because no dog is the same size! Kiss My Dog is the perfect size for your dog. The hardest choice you are going to have to make is which style is best for your dog. Is he a hipster, a funny dog ​​or is he more of a rocker?


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All of our products are absolutely safe for you and your children, like the Anti-Chip collar cover Kiss My Dog. You don't have to wait to play with your dog if you use an Anti Tick Collar. You can immediately play with your dog, interact and get all the kisses you want, in complete safety!

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