How to use
the Seresto collar cover?

hide seresto necklace

How to use the Kiss my dog ​​Cache Seresto collar?


Use the red plastic rod to relax a passerby, In the relaxed passerby, you will have to insert the Seresto Anti Puce collar


In the relaxed loop, start inserting the Seresto collar


Pull the Seresto up to the first “stop” and use it to jam it in the Seresto cache


Pass the Seresto through another loop towards the middle of the collar. Do it twice for a large dog


At the place where the collar will have to be closed, pass the Seresto under 2 or 3 loops of the Kiss My Dog collar cover


Put the collar in its round shape and adjust the Seresto inside the Kiss my dog ​​collar
Check that it fits well with the Seresto loop, 1 or 2 intermediate loops and 2 loops at the other end


Cut the 2 ends of the Seresto with a pair of scissors


Put the Kiss My Dog collar on your dog with the Seresto concealed inside. Your loulou is beautiful and protected against parasites!