How to choose the best pest control – Seresto or Bravecto?

How to choose the best pest control – Seresto or Bravecto?

Whether he lives in the city or in the country, your dog needs protection against parasites such as ticks and fleas. Two major brands in particular share this pest control market: Seresto et bravecto. In this article, we offer you a comparison between these two different processes: Seresto is a necklace to be worn 24 hours a day, while Bravecto comes in tablet form.

Things to consider for flea and tick prevention

In the city and in the countryside

Ticks and fleas are present everywhere, living in the city does not immunize your dog against these parasites. If they are naturally more numerous in the countryside, they always find welcoming spaces within the cities. They take advantage of parks and green spaces, as well as cemeteries. They also find many guests there. Indeed, in addition to dogs and cats, there is a discrete, nevertheless dense fauna: foxes, rats and rodents of all kinds, weasels, hedgehogs, etc.

This is how our dogs and cats take the same paths and find themselves colonized by parasites. Ticks and fleas also take advantage of encounters between pets to move from one to another. So whether you live in the city or in the countryside, you need to protect your pet.

get rid of fleas

The animal's lifestyle and the composition of your household

You will find below the different solutions available on the market. There really isn't a best pest control, you have to choose it according to your animal, its lifestyle and the composition of your household. Indeed, you must take into account:

  • the durability of the product over time;
  • its resistance to water;
  • its cost;
  • the risks of contamination when you, your children or other animals touch the product (spray or pipette);
  • the wearing of the collar (particularly for the cat).

The different types of pest control products

flea collar

The flea collar is a practical and economical method that we develop below in the section devoted to Seresto.


The pipette is efficient and practical. Planned for a period of one month, it applies easily and quickly, even with the most recalcitrant animal. If you have a cat and you don't like the idea of ​​having it wear a collar, the pipette seems like the ideal solution.

The advantage of certain pipettes – on prescription issued by the veterinarian only – is to treat intestinal parasites at the same time as ticks and fleas. They replace dewormers, which delights pet owners who rebel at the idea of ​​swallowing medication.

Be careful with children, because you must not touch the animal at the place of application of the pipette for 48 hours.

The veterinary drug

The veterinary medicinal product works perfectly and you never come into contact with the product. Find the details below, in the section reserved for the Bravecto tablet.

dog pest control

Antiparasitic shampoo

Antiparasitic shampoos are a great help if your dog (or cat) is heavily infested. It eradicates all the parasites in a single session.

However, the shampoo constitutes an auxiliary solution for a radical treatment, but not on the duration. There is indeed no persistence, which forces you to use an additional solution so that the parasites do not return.

On the other hand, if your dog suffers from demodicosis (spread by Demodex canis), shampoo is the best solution.

The spray

Sprays are effective, but not really practical. They are very useful in case of infestation – like shampoos – because their action is overwhelming. However, their duration of action is planned for one month, but they resist badly to the rain and even less to swimming.

On the other hand, their application is tedious. It is long and does not always please the animal because of the noise, the feeling of cold and wetness, as well as the smell. He can struggle so much the exercise displeases him.

Finally, the spray is a fairly expensive solution, because you quickly reach the end of your bottle by renewing the application each month.

Seresto: a complete range for dogs

The Seresto dog collar offers a proven solution, thanks to its insect repellent collar which serves as both a preventive and curative treatment. The brand offers two necklace sizes, in order to adapt to dogs of all sizes. It is complemented by a cat collar containing the same ingredients, but in different dosages.

To be renewed every 8 months

The Seresto collar is designed to last 8 months, making it the cheapest solution for effective protection.

To be paired with a collar cover

The Seresto collar may have adverse effects on the dog's environment if you, your children or other animals come into direct contact with the collar on the mucous membranes (hands brought to the mouth or eyes, another dog licking it , etc).

seresto pest control
seresto pest control for dogs
No fleas with Seresto

The collar cover is then the perfect solution. You slip your Seresto collar into it and benefit from a solid collar to which you can attach the leash, the medal or the bell (which prevents the cats from chasing the birds).

Advantages and disadvantages of Seresto

  • Most economical solution.
  • Waterproof.
  • Lasts 8 months.
  • Use of a collar cover recommended.

Bravecto: an oral tablet for the treatment of fleas and ticks

Bravecto is a veterinary drug requiring ingestion.

Be careful with some animals!

If your pet is not naturally wary, he will easily swallow the tablets hidden in a meatball or mash, and sometimes even give it directly. Others are more suspicious when they detect an unknown element in their bowl. This is all the more true in cats who are able to conscientiously "clean" a bowl, leaving only the tablet at the bottom!

Protection to be renewed every 2 or 3 months

Bravecto treatment must be renewed every two months in the event of ticks (Rhipicephalus sanguineus). If you are only worried about fleas (Ctenocephalides felis for cats and Ctenocephalides canis for dogs), the tablet works for three months. Some regions of France are spared by ticks, but you should be careful, because the diseases they transmit can be fatal if not treated in time.

The active substance of Bravecto has proven its harmfulness for parasites, but not for animals, following conclusive clinical trials. It passes into the dog's blood in 8 hours. the fluranalize then diffused neutralizes the nervous system of the parasite and kills it.

Advantages and disadvantages of Bravecto

  • The treatment of infestations being internal, you do not contaminate yourself in contact with the dog.
  • He can bathe as much as he wants.
  • Bravecto is the most expensive solution.

The best flea and tick repellent for Kiss My Dog

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, the choice of the best anti flea depends on various criteria. We nevertheless retain Bravecto and Seresto as efficient and practical protection against infestations by ticks and fleas.

Bravecto is perfect for a cat that you don't want to wear a collar. If the solution seems too expensive for your dog, select the Seresto collar whose adverse effects in the event of contact are neutralized by the collar cover.

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